What is Phoslo

What is Phoslo Used For Things to Know | Side Effects & Warnings

Have you been having kidney problems as of late and your doctor has prescribed you with Phoslo in order to treat your physiological ailment? Then you need to know more about the drug before taking it in and also to know what it does.

This helps you become much more knowledgeable about what the medication can do to you.

Here we’ll talk about what Phoslo can do to your body and what are the different side effects that may appear when using the drug.

What is Phoslo?

Phoslo or Calcium Acetate is a  drug that’s used for people who have chronic renal failure in order to prevent their blood phosphate levels from going higher.

Even though undergoing dialysis is able to remove phosphate in the blood, the method won’t be enough to balance the phosphate levels in your body.

By using Phoslo, the phosphate that comes in your body through the ingestion of food will stick to the calcium acetate allowing them to pass through your body so it won’t go into the bloodstream and cause a phosphate buildup which can decrease the risk of heart-related diseases.

How is Phoslo Taken In?

The drug can be taken either in the form of a tablet or in a syrup-based form. It’s usually ingested during each meal and the exact amount of dosage will be based on the medical condition that you have and how much is needed in order for it to actually work.

Phoslo Side Effects

As all drugs will have side-effects in them, especially the stronger medications used for major illnesses, phoslo also has its own side-effects though they’re only minor and sometimes you won’t even feel them. 

The usual side-effects that may occur when using phoslo is Nausea and weakness. If there are any other side-effects that may happen to you then you should immediately call your doctor and seek medical assistance as you might have an allergic reaction or high calcium levels which can cause bone pain.

Overdosing on the Drug

Before using Phoslo, there are things that should be avoided in order to not get any side-effects that may damage your body.

One of these precautions is to avoid overdosing the drug as it can cause hypercalcemia which is the build-up of calcium in the body and can cause kidney stones, bone pain, and muscle weakness. 

Phoslo Patient Assistance

Phoslo patient assistance is part of the patient assistance program that’s mainly provided by pharmaceutical companies.

It lets people who are in need of the drug but don’t have the money to afford it be given free or discounted medicines like Phoslo in order to help these people from the burden of medication.

There is a guideline that is placed in order to know who is eligible to apply for this program. 


Before using phoslo, it’s always important to see your doctor to be given advice to what proper medication you will need to treat your disease and the exact amount of dosage needed to avoid self-harm.

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