when does levitra go generic

When Does Levitra Go Generic – Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

With pharmaceutical brands getting more expensive by the day, people have been looking for generic alternatives in order to save money.

The rise of generic manufacturers of different drugs has helped those people who can’t afford the expensive ones and can still get the same clinical benefits of the branded products.

Levitra, a drug that treats erectile dysfunction, also has had generic forms of the drug. This allows more people with ED to afford them and treat their physiological problems. It lets them be able to be sexually active and with less cost. 

Here we’ll talk about everything needed to know about the Levitra’s generic form and where you can get it.

A Generic Form of Levitra

Levitra which its generic name is Vardenafil is a product that treats erectile dysfunction that’s considered safe to use and effective by drug regulation standards. It’s used by taking orally into the body for about an hour before sexual activity.

It’s also important to note that the drug can only be taken once a day in order to avoid any medical problems and long term damages to the body.

Side-effects when taking this will include headache, dizziness, and even low blood pressure. Allergic reactions to the drug are often rare but if it actually happens to you then you should immediately call for emergency help.

It’s also important to ask your doctor if you have any existing medical condition as the drugs have chemical properties that can affect a few physiological problems.

When Does Levitra Go Generic?

Levitra patent expired back in 2018, this allows generic versions of the brand to be created by different manufacturers allowing people to buy the drug at a less costly rate. It’s currently one of the only available drugs that has a generic product aside from Viagra.

If you’re planning to buy the generic form then go to your doctor and ask for a prescription to get the generic or alternative medication that has the same effects of Levitra but with lower price rates.

Availability in the Market

The generic form of Levitra is currently available anywhere from supermarkets to online pharmacies. Thanks to generic manufacturers enabling the availability of the drug possible. Anyone can buy it in order to help more people with erectile dysfunction afford it.

Though the generic form of this drug can be bought at a lower price, it’s still very expensive so it’s also a good idea to look for discounts that are available at your local pharmacy in order to save less. 

Can You Buy Cheap Generic Levitra Online?

You can buy generic Levitra online but there’s a possibility that some of those products that are shown in your screen may be counterfeits which can give little to know effects to your ED.

Generic erectile dysfunction medications like Levitra and viagra are some of the most common drugs that are being counterfeited so it’s important to be cautious of websites that sell these drugs without requiring a prescription. 

Try to find Vardenafil online on websites that are actually legitimate online pharmacies in order to be sure that you’re actually getting the real product.


Generic brands are the best way to afford drugs that can treat certain ailments and diseases at an affordable rate. That way, you won’t need to break the bank when buying one.

As erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone, generic forms of ED drugs can help people who can’t afford the branded product to still have a way to attain sexual stimulation.

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