What is Altace Drug Used For

What is Altace Drug Used For – Dosage & Side Effect

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure and your doctor has prescribed you with Altace as treatment for your problem? Then it’s important that you should know how this drug works so you can avoid getting into any complications from the misuse of it. 

Here we’ll talk about everything there is to know about Altace.

Information About the Drug Altace

Altace or its generic name Ramipril is an oral ingested drug that’s mainly distributed as a capsule and its common use is to treat people who are suffering from hypertension.

It works by lowering high blood pressure from people with hypertension in order to regulate blood pressure and get it back to normal. This reduces the risk of getting any high blood pressure-related risks like stroke, heart attack, and several kidney problems.

Altace Drug Classification

The drug is classified as an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. This class of drug is mainly used to treat physiological ailments that are caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. 

ACE inhibitors work by lowering the blood pressure of the heart to reduce heart rate and enlarge the arteries allowing more oxygen and blood to pump through the heart in order to improve its function.

How Altace is Used

The way Altace is taken into the body is by ingesting it through the mouth and you can take it before or after you’ve eaten. It will usually depend on what your doctor would say about when and how many times you’re going to take the drug.

The medication will also be given at a lower dose during the early stage of the treatment in order to avoid the risk of getting any side-effects.

Regular use of the medication can show better results and it’s supposed to be used until your doctor suggests to you that it’s okay to stop using the medicine.

Precaution Before Using the Drug

Before taking Altace, there are several factors that you need to tell your doctor before he/she prescribes you with it as it may cause further complications due to how strong the drug is.

If Altace or several other ACE inhibitors can give you an allergic reaction, then it’s best to stop taking it and ask for your doctor for alternative medicine.

Altace Drug Side Effects

Common side effects that the drug might give to you include headache, couch, and dizziness.

If you’re experiencing other kinds of side effects when taking Altace like jaundice, fever, or even high potassium then you should call your doctor immediately and also ask for emergency help as the drug might have affected and damaged some parts of your body.


With proper regulation and consistent use of this drug, the result may show up fast and recovery may even be nearer than expected.With the consistent use of altace and if you’re following the schedule that the doctor gave to you, then you’ll be able to see the effects of the drug work.

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